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Welcome to Tanformations! We are excited to meet you, and thank you for trusting us with your tanning needs. In order to provide the best service and ensure you get the best tan; we are providing the below information regarding preparation and post tanning steps. When you arrive, we will discuss your tanning objectives (desired color, reason for tanning, etc.), skin type, and expectations. Once understood, we will select the appropriate formula for you to reach your tanning goal. If you have any questions before your appointment, please reach out to us.



Before Appointment

Taking these steps will prepare your skin, and avoid barriers to absorption, allowing for a longer lasting tan. 

Manicure/Pedicures – Needs to be done 24 hours or more before spray tanning because of the residues  left behind on the skin can cause the tan to not take well in that area.  Manicures/Pedicures scheduled after your tanning session will hinder the development of your tan and cause unevenness.

Shave/Wax –  Waxing needs to be done 24 hours or more before spray tanning. Anything less than 24 hours could cause irritation. You want your pores to have enough time to close. Shaving should be done 24 hours or more before, no less than 12 hours before spray tanning.

Shower – Needs to be done 4-24 hours before spray tanning. Anything less than 4 hours could compromise optimum results. You want your pH levels to be at a normal level.

Exfoliation – Needs to be done 12-24 hours before spray tanning. Should be done as the last step in your shower and with a product that is oil free to prevent barriers on your skin. This also helps to rinse off any hair conditioner residue on your body if you washed your hair. We highly recommend using baking soda. Not only is it natural, it is extremely affordable.

Products – Parabens, Sulfates, and Fragrances, OH MY! To optimize your skin pH surface levels prior to application, please do not use products such as Dove, Caress, Oil of Olay, Dial, Irish Spring, Bath & Body Works, etc. These products have been known to create barriers because of the moisturizers and chemicals they are made with. If you are a serious repeat spray tanner, we recommend using spray tan friendly products we sell in our store that were specifically made for spray tanning use. If you choose to use non-spray tan products, we suggest a mild body wash such as Cetaphil and/or Summers Eve Fragrance Free Cleansing Wash for showering.

Skin – Do not apply lotions, oils, perfumes, makeup, or deodorant before your spray tan. Skin should be clean and dry.  Shower should have been taken 4 hours or more before appointment time. We do have face wipes to remove makeup and deodorant if needed.

Clothing – Please bring or wear what you plan to tan in. Many prefer to wear an old swimsuit and/or old undergarments to tan in and just slip a loose swimsuit “cover-up” over when leaving. Clothing to wear home can be anything as long as it is dark colored, loose fitting, and comfortable. Just how makeup will smudge and rub off on clothing, so will the “bronzer” on to your clothing. Tanning solution is water soluble and should wash out of clothing if promptly washed. There are certain materials such as silk, wool, or nylon that are more susceptible to staining. Please choose your clothing wisely as we are not responsible for stains. We also suggest comfortable PJ’s.

If you do choose to tan topless, we encourage you to not put a bra back on until after your first rinse to prevent any rubbing or smudging of your developing tan. If you wear loose shorts and have leather seats in your vehicle, please bring a towel or sheet to sit on so the seats do not stick to your tan.

Shoes – Should be loose fitting like sandals or flip flops.

Rain – Water is your number one enemy until your first shower rinse! If it happens to be raining on the day of your appointment, please come prepared with an umbrella and/or rain cape, long loose fitting pants, long sleeve loose fitting shirt and closed toe shoes.

What to Wear and/or Bring

Appointment Day

Protecting your Investment

After Appointment

Stay dry. This means no sweating, working out/exercising, no baths/showers until the rinse time discussed in your session has passed.

If you are doing the “sleeper” tan, make sure to wear loose, long pants and shirts to bed to prevent skin to skin contact/transfer.

Your first shower should be a rinse only with no soap. If you feel the need to use soap, please make sure it is a spray tan friendly product, and limit it to arm pits and private areas only. If you choose to use non-spray tan products, we suggest Cetaphil and/or Summers Eve Fragrance Free Cleansing Wash for showering.

To prevent streaking, make sure to rinse until all water is clear. Pat dry after ALL showers, no rubbing. It will appear as if you lost all the color from your tan. This is normal. All you lost was the bronzer. Your tan will develop over the next 12 hours and continue to darken over the next 24.

Your second shower should occur 12 hours after your first rinse. Feel free to use a spray tan friendly soap all over your body. Make sure to moisturize after each shower with a spray tan friendly product. If you are not planning to use a product that we sell in our salon, make sure to use something skin friendly (paraben free). We highly recommend Cetaphil moisturizing lotion, Hempz lotion, or ORGANIC coconut oil. Highly scented lotions can fade your tan.

Wait 24 hours to shave if possible. Since shaving is a form of exfoliation, the less shaving the better will help extend the life of your tan.

Acne products, retinol, perfumes, harsh body washes, highly scented lotions, hand sanitizers (tops of hands), salt water, chlorine, long showers/baths, saunas, exercise/sweating.

Once your tan starts fading, you can exfoliate it off with a shower mitt and baking soda for complete removal. For mild fading, you can use a touch up mousse or self tanning water we sell in our store.

Please be aware sunless tanning solutions contain no form of sunscreen. If you plan to be out in the sun after your 2nd shower, please make sure to apply an oil-free sunscreen for your protection. NEVER use an aerosol spray sunscreen on top of your spray tan. They contain a lot of alcohol and chemicals which strip the tan. We recommend “cream” SPF lotions instead of sprays.

Good to Know

Things to Avoid

These Activities/Products will cause spray tans to fade fast

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