Spray Tan Services

A Special Tanning Experience

Tanformations provides a highly experienced technician who cares about how your skin looks and feels. Our custom spray tanning services allows you to benefit from the slimming effects of a beach bronzed body without stepping into the sun.

ALL tanning services include:

Color Consultation

We take a thoughtful approach to each spray tan so that your results make you look and feel amazing! You share how “deep” and “dark” you want to go with your tanning goals. 

We consider important factors, such as skin type and condition, desired outcome, special event needs and time restrictions to match you with the best products in our extensive inventory.

Glow by Erin’s powder

Our full body powder eliminates the post-spray sticky feeling,
leaving your skin feeling silky soft with a beautiful shimmer.

pH balancing spray

Our ph balancing spray locks in moisture. This ensures a smooth application while prolonging the life of your tan.


Our Tans

Enjoy the bronzed glow of a tan year round without the damaging effects of the sun. We use the highest quality products and highly trained technicians to deliver a long lasting, natural tan.

Located just south of Tomball, TX, our comfortable and welcoming studio will make you feel right at home. 

Standard Tan

Can Rinse in 8-12 hours




Rapid Tan

Can Rinse in 2-4 hours





Be creative with our solution additives! Solution additives like Skin Firming drops can help to tighten skin, or Shimmer drops to add a little touch of sheen!  Discover, blend, and enjoy your own unique balance of our amazing Sunless additives and enhance your sprays today!  (Does not include price of tan).


Skin Firming Drops

A cutting edge formula designed to tone and tighten the skin. This spray tanning additive will attack cellulite where applied. (Formerly known as Slimming Drops)


Anti-Aging Drops

Revolutionary formula that aids in both prevention and reduction of skin’s aging process. Tightens wrinkles, giving your skin a beautiful, refreshing, younger look.


Shimmer Drops

These drops highlight and porvide a slimming appearance to areas suh as shoulders and collar bone. The perfect choice for special events.


To help balance and restore


Tropical Fragrance Drops

Give your sking that tropical scent to match your fresh from the beach look.


Coconut Fragrance Drops

Enrich your tan with the delicious scent of coconut.

Want more savings? See our Memberships, Packages and Specials.

Rapid or Signature

What Type of Tan Should I Get?

We are often asked what is the difference, (other than price), between the Rapid and Standard tan? The significant difference is in the initial rinse times. The Rapid tan enables you to shower in 2-4 hours whereas the traditional Standard tan requires 8-12 hours before rinsing. Both spray tan types require the same 24 hours to fully develop the color, because they use the same active ingredient; DHA. When DHA is applied to the skin, it reacts and binds with the amino acids on the outermost layer of the skin. This reaction gives the illusion of a sun tan that gradually fades over time. 

Rinse and Development Times

Make the Most of your Tan

The process of going from light to dark is an individually timed process as it occurs through a unique reaction between the layers of your skin’s surface and the DHA in the tanning formula. Although there are guidelines and general rules, no two people will have the exact same response. The Fitzpatrick skin phototype scale is a commonly used system to describe a person’s skin type. Ranging from 1-6, the scale predicts realistically achievable results and guides the tanning artist in application, formula selection and development times.

Phototype Scale

Sunless tanning is designed to appear natural, so you will look like a healthier, darker version of your natural self. You can influence the darkness or lightness of the tan by extending or reducing the time between application and first rinse. If a dark tan is what you’re looking for, we recommend waiting a few hours so the product has longer to develop. Your tanning artist will advise you on the recommended time to obtain your desired result.

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